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The Semantic Web is the extension of the World Wide Web that enables people to share content beyond the boundaries of applications and websites. It has been described in rather different ways: as a utopic vision, as a web of data, or merely as a natural paradigm shift in our daily use of the Web. Most of all, the Semantic Web has inspired and engaged many people to create innovative semantic technologies and applications. is the common platform for this community.

You can extend Make sure that your favourite semantic tool, event, or ontology is here!

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The recently released Semantic Web tools:

RDF2Go (Version 4.8.3, 4 June 2013), Bigdata (Version 1.2.3, 31 May 2013), Semantic Measures Library (Version 0.0.5, 4 April 2013), HermiT (Version 1.3.7, 25 March 2013), Fluent Editor (Version 2.2.2, 20 March 2013) view all tools …

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